[Living Life 11/20/2017] Nahum 3:1-11



“You too will become drunk; you will go into hiding and seek refuge from the enemy.”  Nahum 3:11

Nahum directs this to the Assyrians who were at the height of their powers.  Nahum says these words after he rattles off a list of other once-great nations who fell into ruin.  Nothing in this world lasts forever; even those who seem invincible, eventually come down.   Everything has a season, and the seasons rotate.  If we can realize that just because we are on top (or on bottom) now, it will not always be this way, perhaps we will be more motivated to work towards the good of the most vulnerable in the present society.  Even if we don’t benefit — or even have to lose some power or money in the present — in the long run, we will be helping our children’s children’s children who may have transitioned to being in a vulnerable or powerless position.  God wants us to work for justice; the justice that we work for will eventually be our own.

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