[Living Life 7/15/2017] Numbers 29:1-11



I have struggled for a long time due to God’s contradictory characters in the OT and the NT or God’s strictness and God’s mercy. Today’s Living Life article talks about it well as follows:

The strictness of Go is seen in the perfection of His holiness; it creates a frame for His power and sovereignty. The kindness of God is experienced in His loving mercy; it is the conduit by which He draws us into relationship with Him. The pivotal point where these two seemingly opposite characteristics merge is at the cross of Jesus Christ. The strictness of God’ Law demands justice for our sins, and he kindness of His mercy extends love and forgiveness of sins through the atoning blood of His Son.

For us who live on this side of the cross, forgiven and free, God’s strictness and kindness guide us as we walk with Him. Sometimes God interacts with us in a very specific and direct way; He tells us exactly what He wants us to do, and it pleases Him to see us follow His commands in obedience. There are other times when He offers us a number of good choices, and it pleases Him to give us the freedom to choose, like a parent who experiences joy in watching their child choose their favorite color of flavor. God sets fixed boundaries within which we are to live and sometimes gives us a very specific mission to accomplish, but He also enjoys seeing His children express their individuality and follow their desires as they navigate the many good opportunities that He offers them. – Living Life, July 15.

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