[Living Life 7/12/2017] Numbers 27:12-23



The more I read and think about Moses, the more I think he was an extraordinary man. He had led the people through most challenging and difficult circumstances. Because the travel through the desert was a matter of life and death, people could not be easily obedient to him whether there were a lot of miracles or not. Even though people witnessed a marvelous miracle a week or a day ago, they challenged Moses and doubted his leadership when their lives and the lives of their families were threatened. Moses had to lead stiff neck and disobedient people for forty years through the desert and his leadership was not cooperative to him as well. However, he finished his mission without being disobedient to God. When he was blamed by God about a mistake that he had to make due to people, he even accepted that blame. Even though the mission and the situation that I have dealt with were less than one hundredth of what Moses had dealt, I often complain and am discouraged or frustrated or depressed. I often wonder how my life is ended up like this and think that I want to run away from everything. There is no strength in me to deal with my current life. However, I also feel that God wants me to grow more to deal with more. Someday, God will let me deal with more than I deal with now. For that moment, what I am going through is only a light training. My God, my heavenly Father wants me to grow and grow well enough to take care of others. That is what I want to my children. Everything I am dealing with now is for me to grow and so I can be capable of dealing with more.

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