[Living Life 6/7/2017] Numbers 12:9-16



“God’s mercy is balanced with His discipline. Forgiveness without discipline can lead to an abuse of His grace.”

“When we find it difficult to forgive, we can look to Jesus Christ as out ultimate role model in this respect. . . . By crying to the Father, ‘Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing’ (Luke 23:34), Jesus showed compassion toward His enemies and recognized their need for forgiveness.”

I picked up two passages from today’s SWIM reflection. Recently, I have a case that I need to practice forgiveness. Someone hurts my feeling and it was not easy to forgive that person from my heart. I pretended it was not a big thing, but I could not deny a hard feeling in my heart. I wanted to forgive the person who hurts me, but at the same time I wished at least that person can know what she/he has done (how bad it was what s/he did). Maybe that was the real intention of all revenge. When I read the first passage above, I was happy thinking that it is the passage which can imply that discipline is necessary. However, when I read the second passage above, I was ashamed because that was not how Jesus treated me. God will do God’s part whether it is just forgiveness or forgiveness with discipline. However, I also should do my part. As the one who was forgiven and saved by Jesus while I even did not know my sins, only thing I can do is to forgive my brothers and sisters and my enemies from my heart. Discipline is not my part, but God’s part.

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  1. karen says:

    I’ve been thinking about forgiveness as I’m participating in a workshop series at Campbell church based on the spirituality of the 12 steps by Richard Rohr. I don’t think that it’s possible to forgive someone in a one-sided way when you have been hurt by a someone, especially someone considered a friend. There needs to be conversation to express your hurt so that the other person is aware. You can express the hurt to other people and to God, but there is catharsis in expressing it directly to the person who hurt you, if that is possible, and then giving them a chance to respond and make amends. I think that when you are able to do this, it is a sign that you are forgiving as God does. It’s almost impossible to forgive a friend fully without telling the other person so that healing is possible. (There is also the possibility that the other person’s response is not what is hoped for. You could be met with denial or disregard instead of sincere apology. I don’t know if the response matters so much in the process of being able to overcome the hurt and forgive. I feel like just being able to express your truth in love is the key to being set free.)

    To forgive is to wash away any remnant of stain to make things new and clean as they once were. The blood of Christ has made us clean in front of God in this way. I don’t think that as humans, we can practice this kind of forgiveness because once there is a tear in a relationship, that relationship can ever be the same again. The relationship can deteriorate or it can grow stronger, but I don’t think it can ever be the same. I pray for the healing of your broken heart and the broken relationship.

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