Strength Through Our Partnerships // 2 Timothy 4:9 – 4:22

I love this scripture because it reminds me that we can’t move forward alone.  We are a body of Christ and that body must work together as one collective unit to produce fruit.  One man or one women is not enough to accomplish the task that God has given us.  Often times we are given a task and that task looks to be unattainable, but we go after it anyway.  My gut reaction is to face this massive mountain on my own, but just as I am gearing up to go over it, something else happens and my momentum is slowed.  My anxiety level is raised as I try to juggle the different tasks ahead of me.  I feel overwhelmed and want to resign from the task set before me.  Sometimes I feel like crawling into a corner and hiding until the task passes by, but the task never passes by instead it becomes like a glaring flashing light in my face that I can’t avoid.  Take finances for instance.  Every time I try to manage and balance my books on my own, I usually make a mistake, forget to pay a bill, or miss something.  But when I sit down with my wife and we begin to analyze each part together the task not only becomes much easier, but we usually accomplish the goal at hand.  God is that partner that rests at our side.  We can attempt to do this on our own or we can humble ourselves and ask God to intervene.  He will gently assist us, give us the wisdom and guidance we need, and help us to maintain our focus on the task at hand.  One of the things I notice most about God is that often times he gives us other resources like people to help us along our journey.  We don’t have to go through life alone, what a relief.  God tells us to caste our fears, concerns, and burdens on him.  He will take it from us and give us freedom.  

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